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World War II Period Mark V Military Heliograph with Original Case & Tripod


A World War Two period mark V military heliograph with original case and tripod.

The use of the heliograph has a history stemming back to the early nineteenth century although it was popularised for British military use during the Second Boer War and continued to be used up until the 1960s.

This example was manufactured in 1944 with stamps to the stand stating “PB&S Ltd 1944” The company Puddefoot, Bowers & Simonett Ltd were responsible for various tripods for military use including telescopes. The company is listed in the 1947 British Industries Fair as being, “Brushmakers, Silversmiths and Cabinet Makers in Ivory” a perfect example of how the war effort diverted most businesses from their normal day to day activities.

The heliograph itself is further marked, “Helio 5 Mark V, AIM, Serial No B31635 with a broad arrow stamp” as is the accompanying leather carrier which contains an alternative sight and a spare mirror in a tin case marked BW&M Ltd for Barringer, Wallis & Manners. Like Puddefoot, Bowers & Simonett, this company who are more famed for their manufacturing of collectable biscuit and tobacco tins seem to have also turned their attentions to the war effort at the time.

A pretty much complete heliograph set with original tripod this set is in superb condition and the mirrors are clear and in lovely order.

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