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World War II Period Military Compensated Barometer & Altimeter by TA Reynolds Son & Wardale - T.A.R.S & W. Ltd


A World War II period cased military compensated barometer and altimeter by TA Reynold Son & Wardale – T.A.R.S & W. Ltd.

The barometer has a brass case with silvered dial bearing the name of the maker, it is complete with blue steel indicator. The broad arrow mark denoting its military use is present on the back of the instrument and also on the leather case. The case is further marked to the manufacturer, “F.Ltd. 1944”.

Inside the case is an original inspection paper dating to July 1945, Marked to the Chief Inspector, Engineer & Signals Store, Chiselhurst, Kent.

TA Reynolds Son & Wardale traded from 40-42 Percival Street, London and exhibited at the British Industries Fair in 1947.

Both the barometer and the altimeter are in good working order.

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